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Big Sur Bees
Big Sur Beekeeper with bees


Big Sur Beekeeper working on hives

Big Sur Honey Co. is a small family operation, run by Dylan and Jessie and our two little helpers.  Beekeeping began as a hobby for Dylan and quickly became a passion.  The business followed naturally, as love for our honey amongst friends and locals became apparent.  We now have about 100 hives, and are still growing as a business.  Each year we add more hives to our operation, and we will be expanding our product offerings in the coming years as well.  Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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About our Honey

Our unique location, treatment-free hive management, and low-impact processing come together to create an exceptional product.

The south coast of Big Sur is dominated by vast, unoccupied wilderness.  Our bees forage on an overwhelming variety of native fauna, including Hedge Nettle, Black Sage, Buckthorn, and California Coffeeberry.  From coastal scrub to high grassland, Big Sur provides an abundance of unique nectars.
Honeybee on flower
It is important to us that our bees reflect this rugged, untamed environment.  All of our hives originated from feral Big Sur stock, collected over time from rock crevices, oak knotholes, and farmhouse attics.  The best of these are selected for queen rearing, so that each year our hives become healthier and more productive.
Most importantly, our bees are never subjected to chemical treatments of any kind.  We use an annual system of hands-on management techniques to protect our hives from pests and diseases, rather than relying on chemical miticides and antibiotics.  Each year, instead of suffering overall colony loss, we are able to maintain and increase our colony numbers.
Strong, heathy colonies produce high quality honey.  As we transfer the annual harvest from hive to jar, we take care to maintain the integrity of this already-perfect product.  Our honey is never heated, force-filtered, or diluted with inferior sweeteners.  This preserves all nutrients intact, including pollen, propolis, beneficial enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.
Big Sur Beekeeper points to queen bee

Love From Big Sur

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